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Age Well




Our bodies have different needs as we get older. Our diet, state of mind and general health can dictate how quickly our bodies age.  Certain systems need a little more care and we often have to be more mindful and proactive to remain well.age

Unless we are mindful of keeping up a healthy diet and exercise, our bodies will age prematurely.  The grind of a busy life, family and  social commitments make us feel fatigued and below par.  The great news is that with a healthy diet, some exercise, a positive approach to life and supportive guidance and remedies tailored to your needs from our clinic,  we can regain that spring in our step

At the clinic, our team of Naturopaths has researched and deal regularly with the many common concerns associated with getting older.  We will offer you a program that can correct your health imbalances and prevent further discomfort.   We are familiar with understanding pathology and blood tests, we know what remedies can and can’t be used with your medications and will work with you to get any blood test imbalances back into ideal range!health-tuneup





AGE WELL: Arthritis, aches and pains, hypothyroid and hyperthyroid, menopausal symptoms, diabetes, digestive problems, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, heart disease, osteoporosis and osteopenia, reduced recall and memory, poor circulation, varicose veins, declining energy and vitality levels, slower recovery form hospitalisation & injury, reduced resilience and recovery.