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Patient Story: When 3 specialists weren’t the answer

23 July 2021

One of things we’re conditioned to do as patients, is to see specialists for each thing that’s not quite right with us.

I wanted to share a story about a patient today that shows how an underlying gut problem, was Continue Reading

Weight Gain, Insulin, & Joint Pain – why they are connected

22 July 2021

One of the most common kinds of fat that we see on patients suffering from multiple hormone imbalances is visceral fat.

Visceral fat is the fat tissue that is stored behind your abdominal wall and surrounds vital internal organs – … Continue Reading

Why hormones cause hair loss

10 August 2020

Let’s be honest. Hair thinning or hair loss feels pretty awful.

Many of our patients come to us as a last result because the doctor has told them that it’s just part of ageing growing old.

There are a several … Continue Reading

Two “Skinny” Gut Bacterias found in healthy people…

10 August 2020

The digestive system is the chemical response system for the body.

Often what presents as a hormone imbalance in the body, is bacteria overgrowth in the gut lining masked as hormone imbalance.

What if I told you that there are … Continue Reading

When Oestrogen is to Blame..

20 July 2020

We live in a society that literally has oestrogen in our air and our environment. It is in found in plastics that we use in every day life, right through to being in the byproducts of the wheat and sugar … Continue Reading

Is your sleep disrupted?

20 July 2020

Your hormones may explain why…

The stress from Covid-19 has been one of the biggest sleep disruptions for nearly every Australian.

But, it hasn’t disrupted everybody’s sleep the same way.

One of the most fascinating things that we enjoy discovering … Continue Reading

Fatigue, Low Energy, and Sluggishness are the most common symptoms our patients experience.

20 July 2020

Let’s be honest, feeling tired all day is really hard.

You find yourself reaching for a caffeine hit or sugary pick-me-up around 2-3pm and daydream about your comfy bed.

So what has caused your body to feel this sluggish?

We’ve … Continue Reading

Staying well over the summer break

20 December 2019

It is natural when enjoying the company of family and friends during the festive season to overindulge in the wonderful treats and drinks available.

The downside is that it can leave us feeling bloated, lethargic and even a few kilo’s … Continue Reading

Anne Wilson Schaef

17 July 2019
"Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account." Anne Wilson Schaef
Continue Reading

A blast from the past

10 July 2019

From time to time I have shared messages from appreciative clients. Only a few days ago I got this email, I was so humbled to receive this note and thought it would be nice to share it with you.

I … Continue Reading

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