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Patient Story: When 3 specialists weren’t the answer

23 July 2021

One of things we’re conditioned to do as patients, is to see specialists for each thing that’s not quite right with us.

I wanted to share a story about a patient today that shows how an underlying gut problem, was the reason for 3 different problems.

For Sandra, she was running from one specialist to the other.

  1. She saw a gastroenterologist for her IBS, constipation with gas, bloating, and daily pain occurring for the last two years.
  2. She saw an orthopaedic doctor for her joint and arthritic pain, and,
  3. She was going to her GP on a regular basis to keep an eye on her anaemia and low iron levels.

She saw several doctors, but never thought that all her issues could be connected.

By the time many of our patients come to us, they are suffering from multiple issues, that all seemingly appear to be unrelated, but chemically, when we look at it, it’s commonly all interconnected.

Sandra was a great example of this.

You see, Sandra came to us because her energy was so incredibly low. She was hoping that it was her hormones because she was struggling to win the battle with her fatigue.

One of the things we discuss in our consultation is going to the bathroom. I know that sounds pretty gross, but, it actually tells us a lot.

One of the things we discuss in our consultation is going to the bathroom. I know that sounds pretty gross, but, it actually tells us a lot.

I know I’ve spent a lot of time talking to you about hormones, and Sandra was experiencing a myriad of hormonal and nutrient imbalances, causes that were directly due to gut dysbiosis.

You see, if the gut environment doesn’t have the right balance of healthy bacterias, or, has too many undesirable bacteria, it can cause chemical imbalances in the body.

It disrupts chemical pathways within the body, which then effect nutritional markers, or, chemical pathways, or the balance of hormones.

Sandra had all of this going on.

Her bathroom habits told us her gut was flaring up. (It’s very common for joint and arthritic pain to increase from gut dysbiosis.)

Then we looked at her nutrient markers, and could see that something wasn’t right with her digestive system.

So rather than just treating the hormones, we started regenerating her gut with the right bacteria and clearing undesirable pathogens and bacteria.

Sandra started to see improvements within two weeks. Sandra noted that her gastrointestinal symptoms “have really settled down”, she felt less bloated and found that her pain and gas had really diminished. She was also having “a lot more energy”.

After several months of treatment and a nutritional program customised to her body, Sandra shared “I dont remember feeling so amazing! I love how I feel”

Her joint and arthritic pain is gone, her stomach is comfortable, and she has so much energy.

What we find after working with our patients, is that once we identify the key imbalances in the body, we can replenish the nutrients the body is asking for, and multiple symptoms start going away.

Whilst we speak often about hormones, it’s quite common for gut dysbiosis to be involved, and, it can often be the root cause of the hormone imbalances.

If you connect to Sandra’s story or find multiple challenges going on at the same time, we’d love to help you. Schedule a Free Introductory Consultation with us today to see how we can support you:

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