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Fatigue, Low Energy, and Sluggishness are the most common symptoms our patients experience.

20 July 2020

Let’s be honest, feeling tired all day is really hard.

You find yourself reaching for a caffeine hit or sugary pick-me-up around 2-3pm and daydream about your comfy bed.

So what has caused your body to feel this sluggish?

We’ve found there are 2 Key Reasons for Fatigue:

– Hormonal Imbalance
– Gut Imbalance

Fatigue and sluggishness may trigger the doctor to do blood tests. If your hormones such as thyroid, estrogen and testosterone all come back in “normal” range, we hear many of our patients’ doctors may recommend changes in diet or say “you’re fine, don’t worry”.

Do you ever wonder if it’s NOT normal to be this tired?

Do you think that it could be more than just old age?
You are right.

I mentioned in my last email that in the 1970s we moved from a combination of clinical assessment and pathology, to exclusively pathology for doctors to treat patients.

This played a big part on our growing of Australians with hypothyroidism.
Natural medicine has much to offer when it comes to hormone function and a balanced body

Let me explain how it pertains to fatigue.

REASON 1: Hormone Imbalance “Fatigue”

When your estrogen kicks into overdrive, it makes a greater demand on your liver and your thyroid.

Think about when puberty hit, you were pregnant or going through peri-menopause or menopause.

Now, after that hormonal season, you couldn’t shift your weight like you used to be able to and you noticed you slowly started to become more clumsy, forgetful, and things just moved a little slower over all.

It’s been a few years since your hormonal season and you really get out of bed slowly, you forget your keys or that thing that you really needed to remember, and between 2pm and 3pm you are desperate for a coffee or tea.
This is a big red flag indicating hormonal imbalance.

Fatigue is a key sign that your body lacking key nutrients to support your hormones.

The good news is that your body probably just needs a “nutrient top up”. Within 3 to 8 weeks, you could find yourself with that spring back in your step, looser pants and way more energy.

REASON 2: Gut Imbalance “Sluggishness”

Your gut and hormones are very closely intertwined. It is very common for the hormones to affect the gut. We see this all the time.

Your gut is the core of your foundation. So when something is “off”, there is almost always an adverse effect to the gut.

Sluggishness is a key indication of a gut concern.

Think about before you felt tired throughout the day, or, before you were desperate to spread out on the lounge or get to bed when you got home from work.
Think about what you felt like in the morning.

Was it difficult to wake up or did you struggle to get out of bed?

Were you desperate for that morning coffee?

This is one of the early flags we see when there is a gut imbalance.
Like I said, it’s normal for both hormonal imbalance and gut imbalance to go hand in hand.

If you are feeling sluggish, struggling to get out of bed, or feeling “off” and more tired than normal, please let us help.

As it may have been a while since you have been to our clinic, we’ve opened up a Free Introductory Consultation via Phone to see if we can help. You can book in here:

Wishing you optimal health and vitality!

Kind regards,

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