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Tips to survive the festive season!

22 December 2016

Festive season survival tips

It is natural, when enjoying the company of family and friends during the festive season, to overindulge in the wonderful flavours and drinks available.

The downside is that it can leave us feeling sluggish, bloated, fatigued and a few extra kilos may appear from nowhere!!

We don’t want to stop you from celebrating this festive season, but we have a few tips that can help you weather this wonderful time a little better.

Don’t overdo the food

When you have social gatherings all day, remember that fatty, sugary and salty foods put more pressure on your liver and digestion. Instead of fried or richer foods, try looking towards salads and vegetables that are not too laden with creamy/oily dressings.

Having lighter meals will help you to cope with increased socialising over Christmas.


It is amazing what a difference keeping up your exercise can make to your digestion. When we move, our digestive system gets a workout too, and that will really make a difference to that blocked, bloated feeling and overall bowel function. Just 20-30 minutes most days will really help! We also drink more water when exercising, and this is especially important in hot weather.


Keep up your veggie juice each morning. Just because you will be partying later in the day, it doesn’t mean that everything needs to go out the window! Having your veggie juice each morning will help your body process some of the things you will be having later in the day. It is great for hydration as well.

Always try to keep the fibre in your juices by using one of the more modern juicers that keeps the pulp within the juice. Make sure you add some water or coconut water for a complete veggie juice treat. Remember: Hydration, hydration, hydration!

Reduce processed treats

Alternatives to processed treats may include some soy crisps, nuts, hummus with rice crackers, guacamole with carrot or celery sticks, and summer fruits. You can really make a nice spread for people that is nutritious and healthy.

Keep tabs on your alcohol consumption

It is a relaxing time to enjoy a drink or two with friends and family, and in the warm weather it is easy to overindulge. To overcome this, have a glass of water or coconut water between each drink to keep you more hydrated and slow the effects of alcohol consumption.

You may also consider looking at the great range of mocktails available with lemon, lime juice and soda water. Try having some alcohol-free days to give your body a chance to recover.

Manage stress associated with expectations of family and friends

Talk honestly to family members and friends about how you’d like to spend your time over the holiday season. Where possible, aim to make the decision together. Remember that others may have extra demands on them as well. Above all, be prepared to talk our festive choices through.

What happens if you do over indulge?

It happens, we know. It is Christmas and a festive time after all. If you have had too much to drink, may we suggest that upon your arrival home, or before bed, you:

  • Take a “Tresos B Activated Pluse” tab that you already have from the clinic.
  • Drink a large glass of water.

Dehydration and Vitamin B depletion are the biggest causes of hangover the next day.

Taking advantage of these tips will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable festive season.

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