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When Was Your Last Checkup?

27 January 2011

Not been to the clinic for a while? Hello and Happy New Year to all our long term clients!

If we haven’t seen some of you for a long time, please remember it is important to have regular check ups. That way we can be on top of and be proactive with your health and wellbeing.  Look after yourself  and make an appointment with us now to have a health check.

We can discuss what direction for you to take with any health concerns. We can check your blood pressure, tune up your diet to ensure you have a healthy 2011 and guide you with any unbalanced blood test results (for example cholesterol) that you may have.

Just a few of the health issues with which we can assist includ; digestion problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, thyroid problems, elevated cholesterol, elevated liver enzymes, low iron, poor immunity and the ever increasing deficiency in Vitamin D!

With you, we can help improve many health concerns significantly. It is just a matter of making a call for an appointment and bringing your latest blood test with you. Your doctor should have these, so please just ring the medical centre and ask for a copy of your last blood test from your records. We will have a look at the blood test and set a plan to guide you back to health and wellbeing…. and feeling great!!!

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